Mat Pilates Barre


An all-inclusive workout for those wanting strength, flexibility, focus, awareness, and relaxation. Focusing on movement quality to achieve a balanced body that feels as vital as it looks.

Mat Plus Pilates

Using small equipment including Fit-Balls, Medicine Balls, Straps & Fitness Circles that will integrate resistance, assistance & progressive overload.

The Barre Class

Male or female you can embrace this extraordinary workout. When you work at the barre you have a sense of center & balance that allows you to concentrate on the muscle group you are working on. Strength, stabilization & conditioning of the pelvic area & the inner thigh provide an excellent Workout.

Weights Plus Pilates

30 minutes of Weight Training


A high energy workout to lengthen and strengthen muscles as you burn fat…while working at the barre!

Benefits of Pilates

• Attain deeply conditioned and highly defined abdominals.

• Improve endurance, agility, and performance in every athletic endeavor.

• Increase your strength with every rep while building flexibility with every move.

• Build supple, stronger, muscles with no added stress or impact on joints or ligaments.

• Create support and strength in your back to enhance posture and mobility.

• Pilates allows you to improve posture and to develop
mind-body awareness like no other workout!

• BHC offers a variety of Pilates classes for people of all levels.


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