Welcome Willie Adams, Grand Master Instructor
10th Degree Black Belt

We are very excited to Introduce and Welcome Willie Adams to the Beverly Hills Club. Grand Master Willie Adams was inducted into the Karate Hall of Fame in 1987. Today he is President of the Karate Association of Isshinryu. As a 10th Degree Black Belt, Grand Master Adams has been a major figure on the Metro Detroit Karate scene for over 40 vears.

Isshinryu – Karate

(One Heart/Mind)

Isshinryu’s main objective is the perfection of oneself through both physical and mental develpment. As students learn the art of self defense, they acquire self-confidence, serenity and the ability to concentrate.

Isshinryu Karate combines a well rounded exercise program with some important advanages over other styles:

• Kicks and punches from natural stances.
• Stresses proficiency with hand and foot techniques.
• Better Physical Shape – With a program that improves muscle tone, suppleness, speed and mind.
• Mental and Physical Conditioning “wind down” from daily tensions & frustrations.

Little Dragons

In addition to being an excellent self-defense stem, sport and work-out, karate provides a heightened appreciation for one’s self and the world. The combination of grace and precision gives students self confidence while developing their body, integrity and serenity.

Junior & Adult Classes

Beverly Hills Club Martial Arts program is for students of all ages and abilities. Our study of Martial Arts help students develop self disciple, achieve practical self-defense skills, optimum health, and personal development.


Summer 1  Jun 10-Jul 21   Summer 2 Jul 22-Sep 1

(6 wks)

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